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2016 ENTIRE Herd Negative for CAE
2016 Linear Appraisal scores posted!

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We are licensed by the state of GA to sell Raw Milk for pet use.


     Livin My Dream Farm is just that. A dream of ours to have a self sustaining farm. 2016 brings us to our 6 year mark, many goats have come and gone to their new homes since then.  We have linear appraised most years, but skipped this year because the schedule was early this year in Georgia.  
2017 brought us some joys and sorrows. Livin My Dream CR Triscuit 1*M was retired after a difficult kidding.  She is living with our Lost Valley JL Lucy in a pet home up north.  This year we had a first set of quintuplets from SG J-Nels LY Clootie 3*M, we will retain a buckling and 2 doelings.  We had 1 set of quads from Livin My Dream SB Ritz Bitz 1* M (Jr Leg), some triplets too.  We ended the year with a few bucks up, but over all we are retaining 7 lamancha doelings, 4 nigerian doelings (one polled) and one polled nigerian buckling.\
Both herds will be on DHI again for 2017, Linear Appraisal this year in April and we are a host herd for the first time. We look forward to continue diary strength and production in the coming year.

We are located in Commerce, GA. 
Between Atlanta, GA and Anderson, SC
Easy access from I-85.
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